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Consultants in Customs, Imports & Exports, Licensed Custom House Agents
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For conducting any transaction in Foreign Trade or International Business, an Importer or Exporter should either have knowledge of various laws and regulations mentioned below or should have a reputed consultant along with a reputed Custom Clearing Agent to guide and assist him complete the transaction:

Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act 1992
Foreign Trade (Regulations) Rules 1993
Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009
Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999
Customs Act 1962
Customs Tariff Act 1975
Central Excise Act 1944
Central Excise Tariff Act 1985
Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act 1974
Marine Insurance Act 1963
Carriage of goods by Sea Act 1925
Carriage by Air Act 1972and many other acts and regulations.

Although these Acts are made by different Ministries of Govt. of India, they have empowered Custom Department to ensure compliance of rules by Importers/ Exporters because only Custom Department is present at the Borders/ Frontiers. Therefore the Custom Department perform a very major role in a Foreign Trade Transaction. Customs Department grants license to a a person to act as a "Custom House Agent" to guide the Importers & Exporters about the Various regulations under Customs Act and other Allied Acts mentioned above. Therefore it can be said that a Licensed Custom House Agent also perform a major role in a Foreign Trade Transaction. In fact, the Custom House Agent acts as a bridge between Customs Department & Importers/Exporters.

It may be said that, while a reputed Consultant in Foreign Trade Acts as a good guide and advisor for an Importer /Exporter, a reputed and knowledgeable Customs House Agent or Customs Clearing Agent acts as the representative of Importer / Exporter before the Customs Department, and gets the goods cleared through the procedures of Indian Customs after ensuring that all the legal compliance under Custom Act & other Allied Acts have been adhered to by an Importer/Exporter.

From the above, it can be inferred that a company, who is having a combination of both i.e. who is a reputed Consultant in Foreign Trade as well as a reputed Custom Clearance Agent, becomes essential, inevitable and ideal for any Importer / Exporter who needs a smooth sailing in the entire process. Needless to mention that any mistakes done in documentation and declaration before Customs can be very expensive because it may lead to confiscation of goods and customs may levy fine and personal penalty for releasing such goods in lieu of confiscation. We are one such company which provides both the services mentioned above.

We are one of the leading Consultants in Foreign Trade and are also licensed Customs House Agents (Custom Clearing Agents). We provide consultation in Foreign Trade Policy, Customs, Central Excise, Insurance, Logistics, 100% Export Oriented Units Schemes, Special Economic Zones Schemes, and Software Technology Parks of India Schemes. As a good Consultant, we get involved with your company from the day of planning by checking all documents like Proforma Invoice (Quotation) of Foreign Supplier, Purchase Order or Import Contract, Payment Terms, INCO Terms, Commercial Invoice, Packing Lists, Catalogues, Shipment Documents like Air Way Bill, Bill of Lading etc to ensure that they meet the Legal, Commercial, Customs & Licensing requirements. Subsequently, as a good Custom House Agent (Custom Clearing Agent), based upon all the above mentioned documents kept ready before landing /arrival of the goods, we clear the goods from Customs within the demurrage free period.

The CEO of this company, Mr. S.D. Pathak, has a vast experience of Imports, Exports & Customs for more than 25 Years. He has also been on the Panel of visiting Faculty in the areas of Import Procedures & Documentation, Export Procedures & Documents, Customs Laws, Procedures & Documentation in the following reputed Educational Institutions and Chambers Of Commerce:
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi.
Fore School of Mangement & Studies, New Delhi.
PHD Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi.
Federation of Export Promotion Council of India, New Delhi.
Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.
State Bank Staff College, Gurgaon.
Small Indutries Services Institute, New Delhi.
HRD Centre, New Delhi.
Indian Institute of Materials Management, New Delhi.
Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi.

This further laments the fact that our company is very strong and competent in Documentation / Consultations. We have a dedicated team of Documentation professionals who are constantly working towards understanding the clients’ specific needs, objectives and business so as to help them achieve hurdle free Import & Export Clearances. Our vast experience in Customs Clearance for two decades gives us an edge to understand better the needs of each Importer & Exporter and in offering customized solutions to help clients meet their business goals. We believe in Fault Free Documentation and Demurrage Free clearances in least time and at most economic cost.
We provide all solutions under one roof for the following services:

Import Custom Clearance
Export Custom Clearance
Central Excise Clearance
Warehousing (Bonding) the goods in Public/ Private Warehouses
De-bonding the goods from Public/ Private warehouses
Special Economic Zones Schemes for Developers and Co-Developers
Special Economic Zone Units
Software Technology parks of India
100% Export Oriented Units
Import Licenses From the office of Director General Of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
Inland Transportation
Freight Forwarding
Door to Door Services

For providing the above mentioned services, we have trained staff, who have passed the desired examinations of Indian Customs Departments. We intend to achieve complete satisfaction of our clients and maintain a lasting business relationship with our clients by following customer centric policies. We have a long list of satisfied clients, which come from various types of Industries. The List of these valued clients is given.


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