Thursday, October 4, 2007

People of India

Hi to all my readers,

I am an average Indian and have lots of problems to share with you all Indians who are my Countrymen, Friends and all Indians.


In short we have a rich cultural heritage, we are great as our history explains to us, we are the first who gave "0" (Zero) to the world and the day we invented "Zero" we all became slowly Zero, as at every front although to feel good we can say we are excelling wheteher its in Sports, Space, Science, Discoveries, Grains, Technology, Computers, Softwares, Shares, Stock, Politics, Nuclear Energy etc., but at the same time we have excelled in Corruption, Population, Terrorism and the list goes on.

Although we achieved independence in 1947, but I dont think that we have mentally got freed or it doesnt give me a sense at times whether I am living in a free India or still in a Slave India. We have become narrowminded day by day, our narrowmindedness is such that we are still not free from Communalism and touchy things in castes and religions, still we have not found our stand that where we stand in this world scenario. Being a third world (according to Mr.Nehru) we vowed that we would never start a war but yes we will put it to an end, no matter how much lives are gone after this. Sometimes its really unbelievable that we are living in the country of Gandhi, Subhash, Tilak and Bhagat Singh.

We do complain about everything which is happenning at present or happenned in past as I did in my previous para's, but have we ever tried to make it clean and happy to live for.

I raise a question who is triggering Corruption, its mr and you and no one else, its we people who offer bribes to our officials for making our wrong things to right ones legally.Is this what we are living for.............................

Gandhi, Subhash, Tilak an Bhagat made a lot of sacrifice for our country and they did a lot to make this country for living now its our take thatw e should atleat try to make this country according to their dreams who lost their lives for us and we all should now take a oath to make this country right like they thought. We should take care of our valuable votes when we vote for our leaders..................

Rest I will write later on as right now dont have enough time.

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